Dr. Ruben Malán and his Piano & Keyboard Studio

A comprehensive music program + a qualified instructor = first-class piano lessons.

OLD LOGO Processed with PaintNET 8-31-2012RM Piano & Keyboard Studio has been consistently and successfully providing first-class  private education according to the highest national and international standards since 1993 in Tallahassee Florida.

In a positive and supportive atmosphere in which self-expression and creativity are consistently encouraged, Dr. Malán works with a unique approach, crafting his teaching for each one of his students according to their particular abilities and personal aspirations. His solid credentials, expertise, and pedagogical approach allow him to follow a “holistic,” all-inclusive methodology, incorporating several sub-disciplines such as harmony, keyboard-harmony, improvisation, jazz improvisation, music theory, music history, solfège, piano technique, sight reading, repertoire building, music technology and electronic keyboards.RMPKS' Yamaha Grand- Piano Background

Through almost twenty years of dedicated service at his Piano & Keyboard Studio, Dr. Malán has developed a proven reputation for preparing children, young students, and adults to become accomplished musicians, performers, teachers, composers, music therapists, accompanists, professional musicians, music lovers, and  discerning music consumers.

Dr. Malán is a confident, fully engaged performer and instructor bounding with enthusiasm, high energy, a positive attitude, good humor, and total dedication to the success of his students.


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