From Parents


But first, Paul Dewalt,  my piano tuner.

(Paul Dewalt’s Piano Service in Tallahassee

“Of all the piano teachers I have had the pleasure of serving as a piano technician Dr. Malan’s knowledge of the traditional piano repertoire is unsurpassed. What distinguishes him though is his humanity and enthusiasm. Where others see only music Dr. Malán sees the human heart and soul–the tragic, the comic, the enduring. This attribute in my opinion is what separates him from the assembly line of music teachers in Tallahassee. I have witnessed the process and the product over many years and recitals. Tallahassee is lucky to have him.” ~Paul Dewalt.

  •     “I have known Dr. Malán and his work as a musician and a piano teacher for over twenty years. Dr. Malan’s exceptional abilities as a pianist and as an educator, his dynamic energetic personality, his unique character, his knowledge and experience, makes a combination that is hardly surpassed and highly distinguishes him from the rest. From what I know and I already hear from many parents who have or did have children studying with him, I convincingly and openly can say echoing many of his customers, that Dr. Malán is the best piano teacher in town, and his piano studio is the top option to get a serious, competitive, and well rounded music and piano instruction in Tallahassee, period.” ~Persepony Syleos
  •      “Dr. Malan is a highly skilled, well-learned pianist. He is an excellent performer and top teacher. He is able to relate to kids and teach them the proper techniques in piano playing. He is passionate about teaching his students so they reach their highest potentials. I have seen his students mature into great pianists. They have won numerous top awards in either local, regional, and state competition. One example is my daughter. She has learned from Dr. Malan from a kindergardner to a great artist. If you are serious about learning the piano with someone who is a high achiever, Dr. Malan is the teacher for you. I have recommended him to many. He is also a great performer! He is the best!” ~Nadya Scheffers
  •      “My 9 years old son has been taking lessons from Dr. Malan for the last year or so. He had started learning piano about 2 years prior to starting with Malan, but has improved tremendously in the last 1 year under Dr. Malan’s guidance. Dr. Malan is very experienced in teaching piano and his teaching style includes a good amount of music theory along with playing, and he pays a remarkable amount of attention to the playing techniques like hand position, finger position, wrist movement, articulation. Dr. Malan was referred to me by one of my friend whose daughter has been Malan’s piano student for more than 4 years. I am really glad that we found Malan and what he is doing for my son’s music skills is far beyond my expectations.” ~George Itty.
  •      “I have always admired Dr. Malan’s passion for music and his sincere willingness to educate his students on the influence of music on one’s mind and soul. I am great full for the lessons given to my daughters.” ~Farida Akhavan.
  •      “Dear Mr. Malan, thank you for working so hard with Kaley and Raymond to prepare for the Winter Festival. I was proud of their performances, and believe they both gave their personal best. It was a large accomplishment for both of them, and such a wonderful confidence builder. It’s so evident you really care not just about their musical development, but spiritual as well. Thank you for being such a great role model for my children.” ~Jennifer Huston.
  •      “Dr. Malán thank you so much for electrifying the audience! Sooooo.many people have commented tuo us about the professionalism and virtuosity of the performance. Many, many tanks your support and encouragement. What an incredible year it has been. Looking forward to many memories to come.” ~The Miltons.
  •    “Mr. Malán, I was hoping to try to have Emily come for her final lesson with you this month (May), but  we have both lost our incentive at this point.  I want to thank you for always making my girls feel like such talented students. I liked the way you demanded excellence and hard work from them. I also grieve that they were not as interested in learning as I had hoped. I guess their true talents lie where their interest lie-in gymnastics and swimming. I want to wish you the best and extend my heartfelt praises to you for being an excellent teacher. I am sure, as the girls will fondly remember their time with you and wished they had continued. All my best.” ~Vicky Wade.
  •     “Dr, Malan, thank you for all your hard work with Kennan and John Evans. The recital was very nice and Ken and I truly appreciate your efforts! See you in August and have a great Summer.” ~Heidi Campbell.
  •     “Dear Mr. Malán , Thanks so much for working with Anna & Carson on their solo & ensemble pieces this year. I appreciate the encouragement you gave them and your wiliness to work with them on such short notice. You play the piano so beautifully; I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the practices! Sincerely, ” ~Ann Morrow.
  •        “Dear Mr. Malán, We really appreciate your taking out time and working with both Esha and Eta to help them appreciate the value of good music and many other skills in life.”  ~Manoj and Vineta Atolia.
  •      “Dear Mr. Malán, thank you very much for bringing such wonderful music into my family. What a wonderful gift  you have given us!” ~ Peter Barrilleaux.
  •      “Dear Mr. Malán, thank you or your dedication to music & piano and your gift of teaching. Haley has made tremendous progress this year! ” ~The Paynes’.
  •      “Mr. Malan thanks so much for your teaching. Eric and us we are going to miss you a lot! ” ~Erich Chen’s parents.
  •      “Mr. Malán we appreciate your energy, enthusiasm, humor, and “push” on Jane’s behalf. Much love.” ~The Carseys.