Policies & Fees


The 2015-16 academic year consists of two semesters or terms. The 2015 fall term comprises five months, from Monday, August 3, to Friday, December 24 2015, with a total of nineteen private lessons. The 2016 spring semester covers five months: from January, Monday 4, 2013 to Friday, May 27, 2016, with a minimum of twenty private lessons. In addition students will benefit from group lessons, studio class, and or mini-recitals that will be scheduled once a month or as needed. Group lessons and recitals are also counted as lessons, and participation in all these activities, as well as in the Christmas and final annual recitals is required. 


Students are expected and must be encouraged to continue lessons through the summer. Keyboard-harmony and improvisation workshops as well as regular lessons will be offered in June and July. Students who take a minimum of six lessons in summer will have preference in choosing the best time slots for the following term.


At the beginning of each academic year students and parents (when applicable) are required to fill out and sign the Enrollment-Registration and the Policies and Injury form,  and keep a copy of these documents, which constitute a contract-agreement between the student, the parents, and Dr. Ruben Malan.


It is preferable and convenient to pay the full tuition at the beginning of each term.  Monthly payments are acceptable but not later that the first week of each month.  Late payments will be assessed with a $10.00 late payment fee.  Partial monthly payments are not acceptable (August or December).  Please notice that your commitment with the studio is for ten months a year even when payments are made by the month.  Additional charges for music materials will be added to the monthly statement when necessary.


A registration fee of $25.00 is required at the beginning of each academic year unless students were enrolled in the summer session.


Lessons can only be terminated at the end of each term through a written request with one month in advance notice.  If for any reason a student discontinue lessons during a term, he or she (and his/her parents) will be responsible for the full payment until the end of the term.


Lessons will only be rescheduled for sickness when reported with at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons missed due to last minute illness will be made-up at the teacher’s discretion depending upon time available. When a significant schedule conflict arises, a swapped lesson may be arranged directly with another student if reported to the teacher with enough anticipation. 


  1.  One (minimum 40 minutes long)  lesson per week (elementary, levels I-II-III-IV) plus additional (optional) 30 minutes of theory and ear-training with computers: $750.00 per semester, $150.00 monthly. 
  2. Minimum one hour lesson per week (intermediate-advanced level:  $1,300.00 per semester $260.00 monthly.
  3. One (shared) hour per week in a group session for beginners or same level elementary students (minimum 4): $100.00 monthly, $500.00 per semester.

 *  *  *